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Office Stationery Supplies:

Green logo : "on request" : delivery might delayed.
Red logo "Out of stock" : order in process, the update will follow once received.
For non-standard article, please make an RPI via GSM or contact CPC Team.
Your presence and signature are required upon delivery.


Reception : after signing the "Goods receipt" from GRD, if needed, please inform Apleona for the next handling: dispatch, delivery to office, send to external storage by using the ticketing system below.

F.M Tickets & Services

Temporary storage : after 1 week, Apleona will organize the transfers offsite, you need to provide a valid PTAEO. 

Orders : please use the webshop to retrieve your documents (per palette)

Delay : 2 to 5 days (thank you for anticipating the delay of transfers)

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